Siobhan   July 10, 2018   Personal

Please forgive the poor quality iPhone photo, I’ve lost my cable to connect my camera so this is as good as it gets for today.

I’ve been rubbish at updating again, but this time I have a decent excuse. Back in March I found out I was expecting a mini-me, I spent the next 20 weeks being rather unwell, and now I finally have the energy to tell the world and start getting excited.

We found out last week that our little monster is a boy. I knew this would be the case because my husband and I could not agree on a single boys name we both liked. My sheer anxiety and worrisome brain has not allowed me to delve into the world of baby-shopping yet, I bought this little outfit yesterday with a friend, and we purchased a stroller in the sale, but the rest will wait. We’re also in the process of renovating our flat, and haven’t even moved in yet, so it’s all a bit hectic (and messy) in our household at the moment!

I’m hoping to chronicle our journey as a little family on here, so do expect some more updates in the not-too-distant future.