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Feeling the Flu

January 25, 2018

I’ve been taking a break from The Body Coach plan for the past two days, the reason? I’ve been hit with a nasty cold virus and my body needs fuel. I know I shouldn’t ‘quit’ because the whole point of following this plan is to feel healthier for the rest of my life, but you try cooking up breakfasts and dinner for four with a runny nose. Therefore I’m seeing this small break not as quitting, but as resting and healing. I’m still eating the meals I have already prepared – I’m just taking a break from preparing anything new until I am better.

I have a fairly set regimen when I catch a cold virus, as a teacher I get them often, and recently I have found I am bouncing back more quickly than I used to. A new positive attitude perhaps? But here are my top tips for surviving the snotty sneezes of cold and flu season:

  • Drink hot drinks. I can’t stand the taste of water when I’m bunged up, so tea it is.
  • Rest. I don’t sleep well with a cold, but I do stay in bed and let my body rest.
  • Eat carbs. Yes, even if you are in the middle of a ‘diet’, sick bodies need strength.
  • Drink orange juice. I never touch the stuff normally, but the placebo of getting more vitamin C helps.

What are your top tips for getting over sniffles and aches during cold viruses?