The Body Coach: Week One

January 21, 2018

As I draw towards the end of my first 7 days following The Body Coach 90 day plan, I’m feeling just a little bit proud of myself. Sure, I still have a very long way to go – but for me, 7 days is a pretty big deal. I decided to post about the things I’ve learnt about myself throughout the past 7 days, as I won’t be measuring or weighing until I’m supposed to at the 28 day mark.

  • I can exercise 5 days a week and not hate it. Actually, it gets easier.
  • I hate fasted HIITs, but I can do them if I have the right mindset.
  • I don’t need sugar. Sure, I had one hell of a headache for 2 days, but now it’s gone and I’m coping.
  • I can say no to things. It’s something I always found so hard in the past.
  • I don’t have to feel sluggish after every meal.

Although these are what some would call non-scale-victories, they are still victories to me – especially the last one. It’s been so long since I felt full, but light and energetic after my meals. Proof, I think, that it’s all about what you eat. I’m fairly impressed I’ve managed to stick to the exercise too, I’ve always made excuses before. I believe the change this time is that I haven’t allowed myself time to think about it, I’ve planned to do it, so I’ve done it.

Is this what being a responsible adult feels like?

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